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The mountain bike trail network in Squamish is too extensive to list details of them all here, so be sure to visit us at the Squamish Adventure Centre for more information and maps.

Here's a sampling of Squamish mountainbike trails not to miss - be sure to look for the icon for a video view of the trail!

Featured Trails With Maps & Descriptions

Squamish Mountain Bike Trails:

19th Hole 1.363 Km
4Play 0.793 Km
8 Ball 0.256 Km
Alder Trail 1.453 Km
Angry Midget 1.337 Km
Another Man's Gold 0.291 Km
Another Roadside Attraction 0.232
Around the Rock 0.21 Km
Blow Out Your Candles 0.506 Km
Bob McIntosh Memorial 1.108 Km
Border Patrol 1.063 Km
Boulder Dash 0.758 Km
Logger's Creek Nature Trails 3.238
Bridge Trail 0.716 Km
Cakewalk 1.477 Km
Catnap 0.1 Km
Cheakamus Loop 1.975 Km
Cherub Root 0.553 Km
Cheshire Cat 2.684 Km
Cheshire Kitten 0.586 Km
City Boy 0.339 Km
Cliff's Corners 0.898 Km
Coho Park Trail 0.962 Km
Cortes Planks 0.31 Km
Cougar Ridge 1.442 Km
Cracked Humerus 0.659 Km
Credit Line 1.98 Km
Crouching Squirrel 1.832 Km
Dead End Loop 1.628 Km
Deliverance 1.075 Km
Ditch Pig 1.034 Km
Doggie Style 0.613 Km
Don't Tell Jude 0.631 Km
Dope Slope 0.465 Km
East Infection 0.359 Km
Ed's Bypass 0.791 Km
Endo 0.571 Km
Entrails 1.823 Km
Expecting To Fly 0.271 Km
Farside 0.8 Km
Fartherside 1.978 Km
Father, Son, Holy Cow 0.174 Km
Five Point Hill 1.797 Km
Flat Alley 0.837 Km
Follow Your Nose 1.28 Km
Four Lakes Trail (Bailout) 0.203 Km
Four Lakes Trail (Edith-Alice) 1.076
Four Lakes Trail (Fawn-Stump) 1.884
Four Lakes Trail (Stump) 1.68 Km
George's 0.288 Km
Gorby's Line 0.084
Gouranga 0.386 Km
Grin And Holler 2.006 Km
Half Nelson 2.322 Km
Here Kitty Kitty 0.484 Km
High Trail 2.6 Km
Highway To Hell 0.526 Km
Home Brew 0.322 Km
Home Grown 0.026 Km
Hoods In The Woods 1.95 Km
IMBA Smart 0.757 Km
Icy Hole Of Death 1.014 Km
Idiot Stare 0.101 Km
Jack's Trail 1.959 Km
Jay St. George's 0.123 Km
Larry's Loop 1.334 Km
Larvicide 0.639 Km
Lost Loop 1.148 Km
Lowdown 0.625 Km
Lower Powersmart 0.89 Km
Lumberjack's 1.307 Km
Made In The Shade 0.503 Km
Mark My Word 1.096 Km
Marsh Trail (MoE) 0.712 Km
Mashiter Trail 1.569 Km
Mcloud 0.295 Km
Meet Your Maker 1.539 Km
Mid-Life Crisis 0.44 Km
Mike's Loop 1.101 Km
Mini Tracks 0.4 Km
Mount Crumpit 0.459 Km
Mountain Of Phelgm 0.625 Km
New Rock & Roll 0.399 Km
One Man's Garbage 0.783 Km
One Trick Pony 0.521 Km
P-nut's Wild Ride 1.041 Km
Pipe Trail 1.123 Km
Plastic Scheisse 5.536 Km
Plum Smugglers 0.609 Km
Plural Of Nemesis 1.21 Km
Poop Alley 0.829 Km
Powerhouse Plunge 2.009 Km
Promenade Loop 0.565 Km
Pseudo-tsuga 2.007Km
Rampage 0.38Km
Really Lost Loop 0.645 Km
Recycle 1.594 Km
Reefer Rip 0.549 Km
Rigs In Zen 1.646 Km
Ring Creek Rip 6.313 Km
Rob's Corners 0.944 Km
Rock & Roll 0.261 Km
Roller Coaster 1.224 Km
Root 99 0.217 Km
Root Canal (Brackentrail) 0.697 Km
Rusty Bucket 1.166 Km
S & M Connector 1.497 Km
SORCA Shelter 0.023 Km
Seven Stitches 1.232 Km
Seven Up 0.721 Km
Silver Spoon 0.289 Km
Skookum 2.521 Km
Slurm 0.468 Km
South Slide 0.208 Km
Summer's Eve 1.797 Km
Summit Trail 0.731 Km
Sweet Judy 0.799 Km
Sweeter The Barry 0.357 Km
Take The Do-nut 0.573 Km
The End-Hole Connector 1.121 Km
The RAAA 1.117 Km
Three Virgins 0.243 Km
Tim Horton's Express 0.398 Km
Tracks From Hell 0.686 Km
Tree Hugger 0.611 Km
Two Cycle 1.447 Km
Two Fist 0.35 Km
Two-Stroke Smoke 0.536 Km
Upper Powersmart 2.687 Km
Value Added 1.227 Km
White Bronco 0.38 Km
White Rabbit 1.572 Km
Wonderland 3.364 Km
Woodpecker Trail (MoE) 1.19 Km
Word Of Mouth 1.718 Km
Wormhole 0.656 Km
Your Mom 0.816 Km
Squamish mountain bike trail list compiled by TrailMapps.com